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September 2004 offered an opportunity for a small scale Wilkinson family party.
Jim was travelling to a meeting in Chicago and managed to arrange to stop off in Toronto and spend a day with David and Piat Allison. Hugh Wilkinson joined the party for a few hours - though Sue was unwell and could not come.

David Forbes Allison (b 1943) is the son of Marion Forbes Wilkinson (b 1913). His maternal grandfather was Richard Henry Wilkinson (1874 1941), who was a son of Frederick Wilkinson (1828 1877), and grandson of Charles Wilkinson, of the furniture making dynasty.

(William) Hugh Wilkinson (b 1942) is the son of Reginald Wilkinson (1900 1962) and grandson of William Thomas Wilkinson (1864 1952 ) who was also a son of Frederick Wilkinson (1828 1877). Hugh is a second cousin to David Allison.

A most enjoyable evening was had and a number of family photographs were reviewed.

Family of Frederick Wilkinson around 1884

William Thomas Wilkinson

Richard Henry Wilkinson

Richard Henry Wilkinson
around 1930

Family of William Thomas Wilkinson around 1906

Reginald Wilkinson

Michael and Caroline with Wilkinson Table (c 1815)

August 2005 afforded the chance to meet with Michael and Caroline in London and Tony and Trish Wilkinson in Bath.

Michael Wilkinson is descended from Rev Alfred Wilkinson (a younger brother of Charles Wilkinson). He has done much of the research on the Wilkinson family and owns a table made by the firm of "William Wilkinson of Ludgate Hill" in about 1815.

Tony Wilkinson (b 1944) is another son of Reginald Wilkinson (1900 1962) and a brother of Hugh Wilkinson.

Tony and Trish Wilkinson (August 2005)

In August 2013 Endymion Wilkinson
visited Melbourne and stayed with us
briefly. Endymion is a retired historian,
linguist and diplomat - now living in
Thailand. He is descended from
William Ayscough Wilkinson (1796 - 1853)
and is a fourth cousin to David Allison and
to Hugh, Tony and Michael Wilkinson.

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